What to Expect from Domestic Travel on Your Fiji Vacation

Whether you want to explore every corner of a single island or island hop on your Fiji vacation, the various means of transportation in Fiji ensure you reach each destination. Having an abundance of options doesn’t always equate to an abundance of information, so our team at Raiwasa Private Resort put together a straightforward guide on what to expect from each form of transportation in Fiji and the top tips to make your Fiji vacation a breeze.

Planes: The Fastest Way From A to B

Fiji’s international airport, Nadi International Airport, is located on the country’s biggest island, Viti Levu. This busy hub is the entry point for the vast majority of visitors to Fiji. However, once you reach Nadi there are a plethora of options for domestic air travel. Some passengers opt fro the quick jaunt to Nausori Aiport, also located on Viti Levu. Fiji Airways and Northern Air now fly to several domestic destinations across the islands, including daily options to Taveuni and direct flights to Kadavu, Vanua Levu, and Ovalau.

These flights are typically in smaller planes with only a few other passengers on-board, making the process of boarding and disembarking efficient and easy. However, a scheduled flight isn’t the only way you can reach Taveuni and other islands. There is also the option to travel by chartered plane or helicopter, if you want to save time and raise the bar on a luxury Fiji vacation.

At Raiwasa Private Resort, we can arrange your flight from Nadi with Fiji’s most trusted chartering company, Island Hoppers. The total flight time is a mere one hour and an enjoyable experience. The flight allows for magnificent aerial views of the South Pacific that will make this a memorable trip before you even touch down at the resort.

Ferries: For the Traditional Traveler

At one time, the only way to travel from one island to another on your Fiji vacation was via ferry. A network of ferry routes and itineraries still connect most of the islands, and provide a traditional means of travel for budget travelers, adventurers, and anyone wanting island hop right on the water.

The ferries in Fiji certainly have some drawbacks. There is always the possibility of rough ocean water that can lead to seasickness or some concern for safety. While accidents or injuries aboard Fiji ferries are rare, the amenities and safety precautions onboard aren’t in line with those seen in the United States and other developed countries. In particular, visitors should be prepared for questionable toilet facilities and the possibility that life jackets may not be available.

Investigating the condition of a ferry can eliminate these issues before you leave shore, yet our team at Raiwasa still feels that flying is a far superior way to reach Taveuni from Viti Levu. Another higher-end alternative to the crowded ferries is traveling between islands by catamaran or private boat transfer. These options are faster, cleaner, and may even include a transfer to your resort or hotel.

Taxis: Traveling Around the Larger Islands

No matter what time of day when you exit Nadi International Airport there will be several taxi drivers vying for your business. If you are traveling across Viti Levu, you’ll easily locate a taxi driver in any town or through your restort. You can also find a taxi in the bus depots and touristy areas of Taveuni, Vanua Levu, and Ovalau.

Taxi drivers in Fiji are fluent in English and often eager to chat. Your fifteen or twenty minute trip could easily turn into an exciting conversation with the driver eager to ask and answer questions about Fiji, your trip, your home country, and both of your families. Don’t’ be shy to ask your own questions as this is an excellent opportunity to gain unique insight into the local community in Fiji.

A point of caution when hailing a taxi is that not all drivers will use the meter. In some rural areas or smaller islands, a meter may not be installed in the car at all. The driver will anticipate some negotiation in the fare amount, and if asked may not provide the most visitor-friendly rate. Therefore, it is wise to ask a local the current, reasonable rate before you look for a driver. Once a price is agreed, you can expect the driver to uphold his end of the bargain.

A tip for saving money on a taxi is finding a driver looking for a return fare. These taxis will accept a lot less for the fare because they eventually need to head back to their home bus depot, with or without a passenger. You can spot a return taxi by taking note of the bus depot named on the taxi’s bumper, and finding a car that is headed towards your stop.

Other Transport: Transport Across Islands

A standard means of transport for a Fiji vacation is hiring a private car and driver. Most resorts in Fiji, including Raiwasa, will have a preferred driver and transport company to safely take visitors around the island. And these private car hires are usually available for more than a single trip, with some visitors deciding to hire a car for a half-day, full-day, or entire duration of their Fiji vacation. If you are traveling with a group, then hiring a private car and driver might be the most cost effective option, even on the taxi-friendly island of Viti Levu.

Finally, you can always work your way across a Fijian island under your own steam. There is the option simply to walk or hire a bike for the day. In fact, on some islands a biking day-trip become the highlight of your vacation.

Want More Tips on Travel in Fiji?

If you are looking for more information on a Fiji vacation, including where to stay, visit the Raiwasa Private Resort website. Our exceptional property is tucked away on Fiji’s Garden Island, and the perfect place for a romantic getaway, family vacation, or simple escape from your busy lifestyle. You can find us at https://www.fijiluxuryvacation.com/.