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    Different Ways to Travel to Fiji

    The first step in your luxury vacation and resort stay in Fiji all begins with how you plan to get there. On a map, Fiji looks like a secluded set of islands far off the beaten path, difficult to travel to and hidden among the rest of the world. However, getting to Fiji is incredibly easy and affordable! Many cities in nearly every country has easy flights directly to Fiji, and there are tons of cruise ships that steadily make their way to the islands.

    Traveling To Fiji

    Many people know they want to experience the once-in-a-lifetime perfect vacation stay at a Fiji island resort, but little thought is put into the plan for arrival. Choosing the way you want to travel to Fiji can greatly change your experience and it’s important to choose the option best suited for you and your companions. Which method of traveling sounds the most enjoyable to you?

    By Plane

    Fiji Airways, the national flight airline for Fiji, has regular international flights in every major part of the world. You can get direct flights with no lay-overs and avoid spending too much of your precious time in a plane or crowded, stuffy airport. The main entry point into Fiji is from Nadi International Airport, which sees thousands and thousands of tourists regularly, and welcomes all guests with wide, open arms. Many find will themselves granted a temporary 4-month Visa with little to no effort or trouble, giving you the option to prolong your stay or return again quicker than anticipated.

    By Cruise Ship

    Many cruise companies offer Fiji destinations, but this is a less popular choice for most. A true Fiji vacation includes the luxury resort, time spent in the spa and doing house or island activities, and enjoy sailing off of the island, not towards it. Since most cruise ships host all of the lodging and dining right from the boat, you’ll miss out on some important parts of a Fiji vacation.

    Cruise ship traveling also takes longer than a plane ride, which can get you to your dream trip overnight depending on the point of departure. However, you also get the added bonus of cruise ship activities, and often complementary hosted tours on the islands and the chance to see more of Fiji than a typical resort stay can provide for you.

    Tips For Your Fiji Travels

    Pack light when you’re beginning to plan for the trip to your vacation on the Fiji islands. A lot of your time will be spent lounging in beachwear by pools, lagoons, the spa, or sunny patios. You won’t need a suitcase of full outfits, so bring a couple of casual, comfortable items as well as a nicer outfit for special dinners or events you may plan to attend.

    Walking shoes are very important, so throw in some running sneakers with the sandals.

    Since Fiji caters to tourists, most athletic or water activity gear can be rented or purchased on the islands. This includes snorkeling and scuba diving gear, bicycles, and boats.