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Cultural Experiences in Fiji

Part of any visit to a foreign land is taking advantage of the opportunity to learn about the local culture. Your Fiji luxury vacation is no different. Although your days may be spent, in large part, enjoying the beautiful scenery, relaxing by the pool or at the beach, and visiting the spa, it’s also a chance to learn about and experience a part of the world that not everyone gets to see.


To make your vacation all it can be, consider including one or more of these cultural experiences. You’ll make memories that you’ll be able to take back home with you after the vacation is over.


Visit a Local Village

The best way to get a taste of Fijian culture? Witness it firsthand. Talk to your resort about how you can join a tour group visiting a local village. You’re likely to be greeted with a smile and a song, followed by a lot of questions from curious locals—it’s a culture exchange for them, just as it is for you!


While visiting a village, you may be invited to take part in a kava ceremony. During this traditional ceremony, a kava root is ground and strained to create a drink, which is then shared with all participants in the ceremony. Follow the lead of the native Fijians in the room and you’ll be joining in the celebration in no time.


Sample a Lovo

The word lovo also refers to an underground oven, in which the lovo is cooked. Meat and vegetables are wrapped in banana leaves and placed in the pit for several hours, until it is ready to serve. This traditional dish is a staple of Fijian cuisine, and if you want to come home saying that you’ve had an authentic Fijian experience, this is one way to do it. Don’t leave Fiji without enjoying a lovo—it’s a meal you’ll never forget.


See a Meke Performance

Meke is the traditional Fijian dance, and it actually combines dance with song and storytelling into a unique art form the likes of which you can’t witness in most of the rest of the world. Meke features both male and female dancers, the men demonstrating strength and virility and the women demonstrating grace and femininity. Your Fiji luxury accommodation can point you in the direction of a Meke performance.


Take your Fiji luxury vacation to the next level by incorporating some cultural experiences into your stay. Ask your hosts at Raiwasa about the “Go Fijian For A Day” full day cultural outingIf you have questions about these experiences or if you want help finding another facet of Fijian culture to explore, feel free to contact us!