How to Get Away Like a Celebrity on the Fiji Islands

Every summer we are treated to incredible photos, and a few details, from celebrity vacations around the world. These trips inspire thousands of dream vacations, and surely plant a few seeds of envy. However, if you ever thought, “I could never take a trip like that,” you’re wrong.

Hollywood’s famous faces aren’t the only people that can take a fabulous summer vacation to the Fiji islands. These highly desirable travel experiences are completely accessible, provided you know how to plan the right vacation. So, here’s our best advice on how to visit the Fiji islands like a celebrity.

Set Your Sights on Private Experiences

Whether it is taking a tour or renting a villa, celebrity vacations are planned around escaping the paparazzi and the crowds. This requires booking the entire boat or entire property, not just settling for a single room in a massive resort. So, if you are looking to replicate the celebrity experience on the Fiji islands, do the same.

Spend some extra cash to hire take a private boat tour of the Rainbow Reef off the coast of Taveuni and find accommodation that can offer you a private swimming pool and access to private gardens or property. Not only will you find that focusing on private experiences leads to higher quality service, but your trip will be more personal and in-tune with your individual wants and needs.

There are several scuba, snorkel, and coastal fishing tour guides on Taveuni that offer private experiences, and our team at Raiwasa can introduce you to all of them.

Pack the Celebrity Beauty Essentials

At Raiwasa, we are huge fans of packing light for your Fiji vacation, but that doesn’t mean skipping the essentials. And if you want to get away like a celebrity, you’ll need to add a few beauty and toiletry items to your packing list.

First, celebrities would never travel without a lightweight, oil free sunscreen. Finding a sunblock with these requirements will help keep pores clean and skin looking fabulous.

Second, find an insect replant that isn’t going to irritate your skin or cause a rash if you decide to skip the shower before bed. There are a number of natural bands on the market that will do the trick on the Fiji islands, and you can also find several types of repellant when you arrive.

Third and finally, look for individually wrapped wipes and cleaning towels, such as facial cleaners, beauty wipes, and hand towels to stay camera ready at all times.

Arrive to Your Destination in Style

Celebrities know how to make an entrance and when they arrive on the Fiji islands it is always with some fanfare and excitement. You may not have adoring fans waiting for your plane, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the same height of luxury.

After your long-haul flight to Fiji, you can take a break in a private lounge or sleeping space at Nadi International Airport. You’ll also have the chance to freshen up and shower in a private space. Then, you can book your domestic travel through either of Fiji’s private airlines, making that last leg of the journey extra special.

Contact us at Raiwasa to find out how these special travel experiences can be added to your Raiwasa itinerary.

Take the Time to Pamper Yourself

If there’s on thing every celebrity makes time for on vacation, it’s spa treatments and pampering. When it comes to getaways on the Fiji islands, celebrities are constantly booking spa appointments and massages to start their day or wind down from an afternoon of excursions. Take a tip from these rejuvenated travelers, and schedule some spa time of your own.

Fiji is known to have some of the world’s best spa spaces and places. However, you can’t beat the view from the massage table at Raiwasa. With the sounds of crashing waves in the background and views over Taveuni’s western coast mere yards away, you can enjoy a one-hour traditional massage that goes above and beyond what you thought possible on those celebrity vacations.

Stick to (or Start) Your Workout Routine

It could seem that celebrities are spending most of their time on the Fiji islands enjoying the sunshine, sand, and ocean – and you should too. But amongst all of the lounging, cocktail sipping, and sunny afternoons, the rich and famous are making time for their workout routine.

Staying fit is part of the job description for many celebrities, and there are few days that don’t include a workout, even on vacation. If you head to some of the world’s top destinations, you’ll find celebrities in resort gyms, taking yoga classes, and hiring personal trainers. A Fiji vacation could also be your chance to incorporate your workout routine into your travel or start a new routine while abroad.

Stay at Raiwasa

Where you choose to stay is probably the most important aspect of planning a celebrity-esque vacation. At Raiwasa, you’ll feel like a rock star for the duration of your stay, with our staff of 12 ready to handle your every need and five course meals prepared just for you. To find out more about our incredible, celebrity experience, contact Raiwasa today.