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How to Fit Everything in a Carry-On for Your Fiji Luxury Vacation

fiji luxury vacation

Fiji is a no fuss international destination, which makes it easy to pack less and still feel fully prepared for your holiday in the sun. In fact, our team at the gorgeous Raiwasa Private Resort believes it is entirely possible to fit everything you need for a Fiji luxury vacation into a carry-on. And we have the top tips for how it can be an easy process getting it all in your bag.

#1: Only Pack What’s On the List

Good packers are organized packers, and being an organized packer starts with your list. Before anything goes into the bag, you should make a thorough list of everything you want for the trip. This initial list can be comprehensive, but it definitely isn’t the final version.

Once you’ve drafted a complete list, you’ll need to go back through looking for any items that aren’t necessary. Parse down the clothing, shoes, toiletries, and other items to the bare essentials you need for a Fiji luxury vacation. Pack these items first and only pack these items. If you really want to bring a non-essential item, like an extra bathing suit, it only gets packed after the essentials are all in the bag.

#2: Consider the Capability of Each Piece of Clothing

Whether you take a trip for three days or three weeks, what you will wear is likely to be the first thing on your mind. And clothing is probably occupying the most space in any bag you pack. Cutting back on the clothing you pack is the easiest way to fit what you need in a carry-on.

First, every item of clothing must be part of an outfit. You shouldn’t bring that bright blue t-shirt or lime green shorts, unless you know exactly what you will wear with them. Whether you are going for a bright and bold theme and wearing these items together or offsetting their vibrancy with white basics, be certain each piece of clothing has a counterpart. Anything that can’t be immediately paired with other items of clothing isn’t making it on your Fiji luxury vacation.

Second, stick to the basics. Look for versatile items such as jean shorts and khakis that can go with a number of different tops. Often these same items of clothing can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the activity.

#3: Never Pack for More Than a Week

Regardless of the length of your Fiji luxury vacation, you won’t ever need more than a week’s worth of clothing in your carry-on. So, as you pack, it’s helpful to think of your trip as seven days in length, even if it is actually a 14 or 21-day experience. Why does packing for only a week work? After the one-week mark, you can plan to throw a few of the frequently used items into the laundry, which is provided as part of your all-inclusive package at Raiwasa Private Resort.

#4: Roll, Don’t Fold, Your Clothes

How you pack is also important to fitting everything you need for a Fiji luxury vacation in a single carry-on bag. The key here is to roll your clothes, rather than fold them. Packed in this manner, each item takes up less space than when it is laid flat. So, you’ll leave more room for toiletries, shoes, and souvenirs. Once all your clothes are rolled, you’ll want to strategically pack the various items.

#5: Start with Shoes

Packing for a two or three week Fiji luxury vacation in a carry-on is similar to a puzzle – if you put the pieces together correctly, then it will be a painless and orderly process. Step one is always start with your shoes. This is a tip that comes straight from the airline industry, with flight attendants naming this one of their best-kept secrets for packing in a smaller suitcase.

You probably don’t need more than a pair of sandals and a pair of tennis shoes for your Fiji luxury vacation at Raiwasa, but whether you have one pair of shoes or five, these are the first items into your suitcase. Unlike clothing, shoes take up a specified amount of space in your carry-on, and it’s really difficult to conform their shape and size to the remaining space after everything else is packed. Make it an easier and far less frustrating process by starting with your shoes and packing your rolled clothing and toiletries around them.

Packing Questions for Raiwasa?

Even before you arrive at Raiwasa, our team is dedicated to providing the very best service – which includes answering all your questions about preparing and packing for a Fiji luxury vacation on Taveuni. We are happy to answer your questions about what to bring, what to leave at home, and how to fit it all into a single suitcase, when you contact Raiwasa.