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    Can I get a great massage while in Fiji

    When you first hear Fiji, what comes to mind? For some, it’s white, picturesque beaches and white-capped waves gently hitting the coast. For others, it’s resorts with thick, fluffy towels and hot stone massages.

    At Raiwasa, we believe that a Fiji trip should include both luxury relaxation and beautiful scenery, plus so much more. With invigorating, authentic meals and cuisine to exciting activities and culturally immersive adventures, you should have a vacation packed full of everything you could dream of on the Fiji islands.

    One of the most important parts of truly enjoying an incredible day in the South Pacific tropics? Receiving that deeply relaxing massage at the end of your day, right before sinking into a comfortable, luxurious bed in a beautiful, beachside room in our Grand Villa.

    So, now you may be wondering: where can I get a great massage while in Fiji?

    Experiencing The Luxurious Side Of Fiji

    We all adore the Republic of Fiji for it’s great scenery and tropical climate, but for luxury vacationers, it’s all about that top-tier relaxation. Learning more about Raiwasa and our luxury spa activities can help convince you about the massages and more you’ll receive from our staff. Fiji has many things, including a beautiful world of beaches and rich wildlife, but getting the chance to pause the world and just deeply relax is valuable beyond belief.

    House Activities

    With so many things to do on the island, the resort activities may get lost in the fuss! Make sure to schedule a day or two to spend relaxing and enjoying the events hosted by your resort. At Raiwasa, we have many things to offer. Discover more!


    The talented fingers and of our trained professional masseuses can ease any tight muscle, tension, stress, exhaustion, and jet-lag that plagues your body. Many of our guests enjoy a trip to the spa on their first and last days, to fully enjoy that rejuvenation that Fiji is so known for.


    Both indoor and outdoor pools, plus our iconic and well-enjoyed infinity pool, you can get access to water in all sorts of ways. Poolside cocktails, parties, and well-decorated decks and lounges make the pool more than just a pleasant dip, but a fully featured afternoon for socializing and relaxing.

    Spa Day

    With all the options available for our guests to enjoy some relaxation, our spa is one of the best in Fiji. You can see for yourself when you experience leaf wraps, hot stones, aromatherapy, skilled estheticians, and more! With authentic skills, ingredients, tools, and practices, you will get quality spa services with a hint of cultural immersive involved in the treatment.

    Making It Possible

    Ready to enjoy the perfect Fijan massage on the tropical islands of the South Pacific? If so, don’t hesitate! Join us at Raiwasa and get started on the experience of your lifetime. Contact us at Raiwasa and find out more information today.