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    Best Resort to Stay At in Fiji

    Finding the best resorts in Fiji to begin planning your vacation stay is a long process with lots of different things to consider. There is no shortage of luxury resorts scattered across the islands and everyone has high hopes to find the best one for their trip and sink into the delicate amenities and services that their chosen location offers.

    If you’re trying to find the best place to rest your head at night on the Fiji islands, consider Raiwasa as a contender for your top choices of Fiji magical locations.

    What Makes The Raiwasa Resort So Special

    Every resort will claim to be the best that the Fiji islands have to offer, but the Raiwasa Grand Villa has the ability to back up this claim with real examples of their exclusive services.

    Every View Is Breath-Taking

    The villa is surrounded by the best views of Fiji and Taveuni, with large patios and sprawling decks. Picture windows, hiking trails, artwork, nature and scenery, and expert landscaping all come together to make everything your eyes land on uniquely beautiful and memorable from start to finish of each day.

    Outstanding, Real Customer Reviews

    Not only has the staff at Raiwasa have years of experience in the luxury resort business in Fiji, their history while operating the Grand Villa has gathered praise from each happy guest. On their website, you can find the genuine accounts of travelers who chose Raiwasa Grand Villa and left happy, eager for their hopeful return.

    Several House & Island Activities To Enjoy

    There is never a moment of boredom when you choose to stay at the Raiwasa Grand Villa. With house activities offered like star-gazing, massages, and full-service spa days combined with the many island outings hosted by the resort, you’re going to have too many things to choose from to do each day.

    Individual Attention During Every Stay

    With an intimate staff of 12 at Raiwasa, you are treated like family at the resort. The attention you receive as your needs and dreams are met and fulfilled rival that of any other staff on the islands. Each guest is treated with the utmost respect and warmth, no matter the duration of your stay or your specific needs. You are the priority at Raiwasa.

    Responsive, Bubbly Staff

    Hospitality at the Raiwasa Grand Villa is the prize of the show. Richie and Rosie, the managers of Raiwasa who have poured their heart and soul into the resort and the guests that come to stay with them, lead a proud team of Fiji hospitality experts that are all dedicated to the excellent service and quality of care that has become such an appealing aspect of Raiwasa. The staff is a happy family, and you’re the next addition.

    Delightful Culinary Experiences

    Richie, one of the lead managers at Raiwasa, handles all of the culinary expertise at the resort. Dozens of authentic Fijian meals, desserts, and snacks are offered with the quality of a luxury resort each time. You have many options available for any meal, as well as the ability to sample and enjoy many of Fiji’s own native dishes.