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    Activities You Must Try in Fiji

    There are many reasons to visit Fiji for a gorgeous trip. It may be an all inclusive Fiji honeymoon or a trip with the family, or spring break! No matter your reason for heading out to see the tropical islands of Fiji, you want to make sure you have a complete checklist of all the things you must do and see during your stay.

    Top 8 Fiji Activities You Can’t Sleep On

    As tempting as it is to stay inside at your resort, which Fiji is known for, and enjoy everything from the comfort of your lavish room… you can’t allow yourself to stay stuck in that! Instead, check out these 8 fun-filled and invigorating activities to give you a whole new layer of enjoying Fiji.

    1. Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

    Of course, the water activities are endless on Fiji. The aquatic life is gorgeous and unreal, and can’t be something you pass up seeing. From lively, brilliant fish and other animals of the sea and the colorful coral, it’s a required part of a Fiji vacation to enjoy them.

    2. Hiking & Biking

    Getting a full dose of the sights you can see on the islands is best done while working up a sweat! Get moving and throw on those workout clothes to start exploring. You can see Fiji so much more intimately and focus on what you want to do on a self-led athletic tour.

    3. Tour The Islands

    A boat ride out to one of the smaller, nature-filled islands is both fun and relaxing out on the water, and a whole new chance to explore the genuine appeal of Fiji. You’ll see a whole new side to the islands and get in some great opportunities to do many of the other activities listed on a quaint island off the beaten path.

    4. Tour the Historical and Cultural Excitement

    Seeing one of the villages or visiting one of the many important places in Fiji can be a priceless adventure. While the luxury resort aspect is nice and all, you can’t really say you enjoyed your trip to the fullest without seeing the way authentic Fiji residents live.

    5. Bird Watching

    While birdwatching is an activity only specific to a few people, anyone can enjoy it on Fiji. The native species are unique, colorful, loud, and breathtaking. Even if you don’t spend long with your eyes to the trees, you’ll catch sight of some of the most exotic and beautiful creatures.

    6. Be Entertained

    Check out what live entertainment your resort or nearby locations offer on any given night! From singing, music, dancing, or festivals, you’re sure to get a taste of genuine Fiji culture.

    7. Hit Up The Spa

    Luxury spa days are a staple of a Fiji vacation. Keep this for a rainy afternoon or when the heat is too much to bare and just relax.

    8. Stargaze

    If you’re from the city or a crowded suburban area, the stars will keep you breathless. The crystal clear skies with nothing to take away from the cosmic beauty of above is unlike anything else you’ve seen before.

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