4 Things You Didn’t Know About Accommodation in Fiji

The very word “Fiji” conjures images of tropical paradise and secluded beaches. The South Pacific location evokes photographs of idyllic sunsets and dense jungle. As you envision a vacation to Fiji, you may start to dream of crystal clear water and stunning waterfalls. Magnificently, all of these ideas about Fiji are accurate.

Yet, what’s missing from this vision of Fiji’s natural wonders and incredible scenery is where you’ll stay. What does accommodation in Fiji look like? What should you anticipate and how high can those expectations soar? Today, we’re covering five things you didn’t know about accommodation in Fiji and how to ensure you find accommodation to meet you’re your highest expectations.

#1: Outdoor Space Is Plentiful at Accommodation in Fiji

As a vacationer, you’ll definitely want to spend plenty of time outside, and your accommodation in Fiji should precipitate this desire. The more ways you can enjoy the incredible island weather, the better. The very best all inclusive resorts and romantic hotels place an emphasis on their outdoor areas and spaces that overlap indoor and outdoor features. You’ll be excited to learn that many hotels have private balconies and terraces attached to their guestrooms, and similarly open grounds or gardens are common.

If you are looking to enjoy the height of outdoor excellence, you need a private resort property, like Raiwasa. Our three-acre property is for your exclusive use and the grounds an awesome place for an afternoon walk or exploration. However, it is our use of outdoor terraces, gigantic veranda, and extensive patios that create special outdoor atmosphere for your enjoyment. Plus, our master guestroom opens up to a private deck overlooking the ocean.

#2: You Can Find Accommodation with Professional Staff

A crucial part of your experience in Fiji is the level of service and hospitality at your accommodation. A knowledgeable staff can literally make or break your assessment and feelings about where you stay. And while Fiji has a strong reputation for friendly and congenial hospitality, many places lean towards a casual, beach-vibe approach, rather than highly trained and professional.

Luckily, the level of hospitality is changing, and many places of accommodation in Fiji are placing an emphasis on exceptional, professional, and skilled service for their guests. At Raiwasa, you’ll find a team of 12 hospitality staff that are as discrete and professional, as they are willing to provide recommendations and personal service. It’s an ideal balance that makes you feel at home, without letting you lift a finger.

#3: Find a Place with a Private Swimming Pool

Even when heading to an ocean destination, you don’t always want to hit the beach and endure the salt and sand. In Fiji, you’re certain to find accommodation that gives you the option of swimming pool over sea, but there’s more. High-end accommodation in Fiji will also feature a private swimming pool for during your stay.

And when we say “private swimming pool,” it doesn’t mean pool for use by the resort guests only, but one that is entirely private to the people staying in your villa or bungalow. You won’t have to share your swimming spot with strangers, next-door neighbors, or anyone else, and these private pools never close, so use it anytime of day.

#4: Raiwasa is One of Oceania’s Best Boutique Properties

The standard for accommodation in Fiji isn’t confined or defined by the small size of the islands. Rather hotels and resorts in Fiji measure their level of hospitality and luxury by the practices and amenities of other tropical destinations around the world.

The World Boutique Hotel Awards recognized Raiwasa as one of the best boutique properties in Oceania, and our sights are even higher for the future. We are building an experience and reputation that rivals, and in many ways surpasses, the top resort destinations on the planet. Come enjoy our incredible accommodation in Fiji for yourself.