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    7 Fun Things to do in Fiji

    Each year, hundreds of tourists on holiday arrive at the beautiful, sandy beaches of the Fiji islands. From families to new couples, friend groups, and Spring Breakers, there is a little bit for everyone in Fiji, and a few of those fun activities stands out from the plethora of fun to be had.

    Trying to build a perfect itinerary for your Fiji luxury vacation? Don’t forget to include these 7 fun, exciting activities designed to give you lifelong memories.

    7 Activites You Don’t Wanna Skip Out Enjoying

    If you’re on the hunt for 7 fun things to do in Fiji, look no further! These gorgeous islands are full of fun activities, but there are some surefire things you don’t want to miss out on.

    1. Scuba Diving

    The aquatic life in the crystal clear waters of Fiji isn’t something to miss. From colorful coral reefs, exotic and rare fish to unique plants and ecosystems, scuba diving allows you to enjoy and experience a whole new world below sea level. If full on scuba diving isn’t for you, snorkeling can be just as enlightening!

    2. Hiking

    The island of Taveuni in Fiji is fittingly named The Garden Island due to it’s beautiful foliage and green rainforest terrain. Missing out on exploring the stunning plant life of Fiji’s nature is a terrible mistake to make. There are many hiking tours and trails at varying athletic skill levels.

    3. Spa Day

    When you choose to stay at a luxury villa in Fiji, you’ll get access to the top-tier relaxation programs that can only be fully enjoyed on the picturesque island. With professional massages, authentic Fiji relaxation techniques like leaf wraps and steam rooms, and more, you can tap into a true inner peace with the help of the talented locals on staff.

    4.   Sailing & Kayaking

    Enjoying Fiji on the water is just as important as experiencing the joys of being on land! There are so many ways to enjoy water sports, from surfing and kayaking to boating and swimming and more.

    5. Ceremonies & Festivals

    Immersive culture is a large part of why so many tourists flock to Taveuni to experience life the way the local natives do. Feasts and parties with interesting dancing and other rituals bring a large crowd, and if there is on happening during your stay, make sure you attend!

    6. Birdwatching

    Like the marine life, animals on land are equally fascinating. Fiji and Taveuni are both home to some of the most beautiful rare exotic birds on the planet, and catching a peek at one or two species will excite even those who don’t regularly enjoy birdwatching.

    7. Pearl Farm Tours

    Have you ever wondered what all goes into the creation of a perfect, rare Fiji pearl? One of the most beloved gems on Earth, many of the finest specimens found in luxury jewelry comes directly from Fiji, and you can learn how it’s done! Pearl Farm Tours give you an insider look at the harvest and care of authentic pearls.