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    7 Fun Things To Do In Fiji – Best Activities For Adventurers

    1. Waterfall hikes


    Fiji’s abundant rainforests and waterfalls are famous worldwide, and for good reason. Each waterfall hike you complete is guaranteed to bring you through vibrant forests, give you breathtaking views, and give you the opportunity for a refreshing swim. Many adventures will bring you to several waterfalls, swimming holes, and possibly even a spot to cliff jump.

    Our favorites? Bouma National Heritage Park, which offers three waterfalls and an incredible ocean view overlook, and Ravilevu Nature Reserve, which encompasses a scenic coastal hike that wraps around to follow a river upstream, where you swim into a stunning waterfall and waterslide. If you’re up for it, the locals will take you by boat from that waterfall to others along the coast that can only be reached from the ocean.

    2. Hunt for the Tagimaucia flower

    The hike to Lake Tagimaucia is a one of a kind adventure. The lake fills an inactive volcano crater at the highest point of Taveuni island. Aside from the incredible viewpoint this offers, it also boasts a rare flower that is not known to exist anywhere else in the world – the red and white tagimaucia flower. If you want to find something that you can’t find anywhere else and that few other than Fijian locals have ever found, this fun hike is for you.

    3. Dive in


    Among Fiji’s fun activities, diving and snorkeling are of the most memorable, because Fiji has some of the best dive sites in the world. The Great Astrolabe Reef, the White Wall and Rainbow Reef are just a few of the spectacular dives Fiji boasts.

    Scuba divers, prepare to be blown away. Fiji is considered the epicenter of ocean life, so the biodiversity is unbelievable and almost overwhelming. Even if you haven’t dived before, you should definitely consider taking a course while in Fiji! On the other hand, if you’d like to stay close to the surface, there are plenty of thriving reefs you can snorkel.

    4. Speed down a natural water slide


    You have water world at home, but Fijians have the real deal – natural water slides. Visit Waitavala Waterslide to join local children and families in the jubilee of being pushed downhill by a natural cascade. During the week, it’s fairly quiet, but the weekend finds it teeming with children.

    5. Go for a horseback ride


    Ever dreamed of a horseback ride on the beach? Horseback riding is a fun way to discover Fiji’s natural beauty. You can tour lovely coasts or gallop through rainforests, even finding a hidden cave to explore if you go in Taveuni.

    6. Immerse in the culture of the lovo and kava ceremony


    You can’t miss the culturally unique lovo, where locals roast various traditional foods in a pit dug and heated with warmed lava rocks. The word “lovo” means a feast cooked in the earth, and the taste is very similar to a roast.

    Even more of a cultural treat is the kava ceremony. Kava drink, made from kava root, has a slightly sweet licorice-like taste mixed with a more overpowering muddy taste. However, you don’t come to a kava ceremony for the taste. The ceremony is sacred, with roots in helping village chiefs make tough decisions for their people. Originally, kava was only for chiefs, their advisors, and honored guests. While that is no longer the case, there is still much respect in the tradition of the ceremony.

    7. Paddle around the shore


    Another fun activity is exploring the Fiji coast from the ocean side with ocean kayaks and paddleboards! Paddle out to a nearby island or around the reef. Throw on a mask and fins to add snorkeling to your fun in the sun and surf!